Broadbeach Store
2/2705 Gold Coast Highway
Open Weekdays 9am - 12am
Live Gold Prices
Highest Payouts Guaranteed
24k Gold Items $49.82 Per Gram
22k Gold Items$45.66 Per Gram
20k Gold Items$41.51 Per Gram
18k Gold Items$37.36 Per Gram
14k Gold Items$29.06 Per Gram
9k Gold Items$18.68 Per Gram
8k Gold Items$16.61 Per Gram
Gold Sovereigns$365.31 Per Coin
1oz Gold Item$1,669.95 (ozt)
1kg 24k Gold Bar$53,966.96 Per Bar

Live Silver Price $20.15 (ozt)
999 Silver Items$0.58 Per Gram
950 Silver Items$0.55 Per Gram
925 Silver Items$0.54 Per Gram
1kg 999 Silver bar$628.40 Per Bar
Southport Store
Shop 1/32 Davenport St
Open Weekdays 8am - 5pm

Not just a another pawnbroker

Here at Gold Coast Jewellery Loans, we aren’t just a simple pawnbroker. We have redefined the scope of what pawn brokers are. We offer the Gold Coast’s best cash loans, with the best, most competitive interest rates – simply by using one or more valuables as security! Simply bring your valuables into our store and let one of our valuation experts inspect your valuable items to provide you the best loan and interest rates.

We value all types of items including:

  • Jewellery, Gold watches, Gold rings, Scrap gold
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Cars
  • Boats

Questions? Call 1300 88 79 02 or Bring Your Items In Store Today

VEHICLES | Cars, Motorbikes, Boats & Jetskis

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JEWELLERY | Gold & silver Earings, Rings, Bracelets and More

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WATCHES | gold & silver, Old, new, leather and digital

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All evaluations and loans are subject to Gold Coast Jewellery Loan’s terms and conditions.

I still can't believe the amount I was able to loan. After getting a couple of black spots on my credit history I thought I would never be able to get a loan again. Gold Coast Jewellery Loans proved me wrong!"

- Debra H - Southport, Gold Coast

Gold Coast’s Finest

Our valuation experts are among Gold Coast’s best, with many years experience in valuing, research and consulting. When you get any items valued for loan security, you will get the best evaluation which ultimately gets you the best loans and interests rates!


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